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Seminar in the Sun

April 25-29, 2018

I have it... you need it! New Materials & Techniques

Howard S. Glazer, DMD

Dr. Glazer’s rapid-fire, no-nonsense presentation about “must have” materials will reinvigorate your desire to provide clinical excellence. This is a program that you and your staff will enjoy because it is presented by a real dentist performing real dentistry on real patients. His presentation will make your day in the office easier, more productive and fun! Dr. Glazer writes a monthly column that evaluates new products and materials for AGD IMPACT magazine entitled “What’s Hot & What’s Getting Hotter!” Dr. Glazer is Fellow and past president of the AGD and maintains a private general practice in Fort Lee, NJ

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Our Featured Speakers

Ross W. Nash, DDS & Debra Engelhardt-Nash

We are fortunate to have “America’s Favorite Dental Couple” as our featured speakers. Together they will provide two terrific presentations designed for both the doctor and staff to enhance clinical skills and a greater approach to TEAM dentistry.

Dr. Nash will discuss “Esthetics In Action” as a way to use proven state-of-the-art cosmetic materials and techniques to provide patients with functional and esthtetic excellence. Step-by-step techniques will show participants how to correct for color, malalignment, missing teeth and other esthetic problems. He will demonstrate the fundamentals of smile design and the importance of occlusion.

Ms. Debra Engelhardt-Nash will discuss “Vital Strategies for Peak Performance” that will enable you to increase practice productivity and enrich the workplace environment as well as improve the patient experience. Her presentation will identify practice trends to watch and what the numbers mean and what to do with them. She will also discuss how to have financial discussions that get the practice paid. Furthermore, she will qualify team behaviors that create impact on continuing care productivity and treatment presentation skills (ie assessing your chairside effectiveness).

My Day Begins When Yours Ends!

Roy H. Sonkin, DDS

Dr. Sonkin is the Deputy Commander of DMORT Region II and a Deputy Chief Forensic Dental Consultant to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, City of New York. Attendees will gain knowledge and insight into the use of forensic odontology. His presentation will be both informative and interactive with practical, hands-on training experience in radiographic comparison to identify unknown individuals. His recent experiences with deployment in several major disaster operations will provide for stimulating discussion and fascinating conversation.

Do Your Patients Have Medical Problems?

Richard S. Horowitz, MD

Dr. Horowitz is a well respected teacher and clinician in the field of Cardiology. His presentation will cover the challenges we face daily when patient present with a myriad of medical problems and medications. Patients with hypertension, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias and congestive heart failure all provide different challenges. His presentation will review the standards of antibiotic prophylaxis and that appropriate caution that should be exercised when treating patient with multiple cardiac medications especially anticoagulants, including the new non-coumadin agents.

Tennli Nelson, VP of Business Development, Solution Reach

Keep It Digital & Keep It Relevant

This is digital world we live in that transcends all ages. Tennli will show you how to integrate user-friendly tools in daily communication with patients and how texting is a two-way street and stream of conversation. She will show you how to use your database to build patient loyalty especially before and after the patient leaves your office.